Hardly see them and hardly hear of them. 2 useless units, and they ain’t the best ##### nowadays. Sure u got haciendas and marv year to make soldaddies and vills but that’s boring and that boom comes way to late and at the cost of 2 cards and. So what happened to spain? It was already a poor civ in TAD but i thibk they, despite the new cards hit a new low in DE although that brief moment of logistician glory was a god laugh.


Weird. According to sunbros data, they should be around 4% or 5% above 1200 ELO, above 1250 ELO, and above 1400 ELO. So pretty average and very far from the ridiculous pick rates of the 4 native american civs.

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And? I still don’t see any

That’s true, Spain is average both in 1v1 and teams. And nobody choose native americans for ranked, that is truly hard to see.

The meta changes, spain in this meta is out of fashion which does not mean that it is scarce and should receive buffs but simply that there are civilizations that are changing and are becoming stronger than others and other civilizations weaker than others so we will use the most current strengths with low utilization rates of medium and balanced or low and weak civilizations.

Lol probably still the best FF civ in the game.

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Seeing a lot of Spainish FI with cannon and Soldaros. Maybe it depends where in the world you play? I heard a lot of Asian players play China so if you are from Aus you might get the impression they are the most played civ where as Americans or European might get a different story.

what? u cant FI and soldados
now if u say u can do an fi then go 5 min making soldados i believe but u wont win with that strat

FI soldados is cheese, a turtle and boring strat.

FF continues to be strong.

Logist water perhaps continues to be something.

But even so, I think that Spain needs a bit of a variety of strats.

And I think that a rework of Renconquista card could be what is the necessary. I would like to do a survey on ways to make it viable maintaining the synergy with archaic units.

If they make it viable, more strats of archaic armies, rush and FI pikes / bows could be seen.

I would also like the rods to be a bit more consistent.


Soldado should not shadow tech

its for cheese games but you can go Spanish Gold + Hacienda+ New year into a vil boom an hit 99 vils at like 14-15 mins and then just make whatever you want, you will also have enough resources to age at that point, especially if you have the cost reduction card and then you can make a really dumb timing with guard soldados + team heavy cannons

Balance in aoe3 is absolutely horrible now. Initially i dont get why people moving from aoe3 to aoe4, i thought aoe3 was a much better game in terms of graphics design and creativity. But now im doing the same…just because the balance of civs is horrible