Spearman weapon bug

So apparently the spearmen of French, China and Mongols have different models for their weapons. These weapons only show themselves during their charge animation, meaning that it is bugged.

This was reported one year ago by Ahioz9426, along with many great observations.
It was supposedly noted by a developer, who closed the thread.

A few months ago, a new thread was made with many of the same bugs. It was closed by another developer.

Yet, the bug is still there. We’re talking about a static weapon swap, people.

Here is a video and some images.



Please fix this. It is minor but greatly influences these units sense of identity, which otherwise would already be in the game if not for this bug. Lastly, I wanna clarify and say that their charge weapons should be made their default ones, and not the other way around. Thanks.

Thank you for bumping this issue @TheAchronic. Unfortunately it’s very low priority and will likely not be fixed soon.

I will also be closing this thread. This is the easiest way to keep track of issues that we have all the information needed and have been responded to.