Spearmen are too weak and should be strengthened

Spearmen should have obvious attack distance advantage to ensure that they can output in the back row (like the meteor hammer cavalry of AoE3) and have the advantage of priority attack.

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Normaly, you get a few row of lancer, because they are mid ranged units known for their impalling ability.

I would agree but i have found that man at arms cant even get through the spears… and horses and even elephants drop on them spears… so im feeling sofar spears are ok… i think some other things need a tweak first

True, like to alow units to push other units or manualy ajust army formation.

Also allow units to give a more realistic damage and give less healt. XD

I feel ai needs the most work still… im sick of my guys running behind amd in circles after they kill the initial target… watch when u have someone targeted. After that target dies ai attacks the most random bs in amy direction! Like i told u to shoot the archers on the wall why are u running down the road after the first target is dead!!? It should keep attacking closest unit to the original target not farthest…

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yeah, that is how spear men worked together to be the back bone of armies for centuries. They should also be good vs man at arms too… as long as numbers permitted.

It would be nice if another civ with a unique unit had long spears, that could attack in 3 rows, but also with a minimum distance so the ones in back attack the front line, and the one up front actually attacks units on the 2nd enemy line. it would be a unit that scales in strength in numbers, but have draw backs if tried to be used alone.

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The lancer minimum range is a bad idea.

I already see the lancer runing away from a close enemy, to put him in range and ignore the second row of enemy.

It would be bether to set a starting range, were attack do damage, end set a end range, where attack stop damage.

Like this, pikemen will do damage in a row, whit out runing away from enemy.

You are rigth of maybe having a faction whit very long lance, because some army did have longuer lance then others.

But, we also need to update the in game general lancer, because they figth like javeline trower, insted of figthing like lancer. XD

totally agree, massively frustrating watching my entire army crumble to archers in the distance because my infantry are too busy walking around in circles after they kill the first man i told them to attack… When a group of soldiers are selected clicking the attack move should just send everyone to attack the nearest enemy or something. Combat with large groups of infantry seems almost broken…

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