Special units

Can we talk about how some civs like english or china has 5 special uniys and other civs like HRE has basically a claymore and a glorfied MAA and monk how hard would it be to add slow heavily armored infantry and shielded spears to make some other civs more versitile and fun or just add japan and vikings like everyone wants :^)

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Was disappointed last patch. English already had all these bonus. Then get all these extra ones with the new patch.

Hre got 2 upgrades in a landmark thats still hardly used.

French and hre seem like there the most basic civs hopefully they get all the extra support in the game like english does


In my opinion HRE got nerfed becouse they made the spear upgrade only in the age building no one uses unless you want to loose lol

HRE did not get nerfed.

Yeah that upgrade is in a landmark now, but it also applies to horsemen making it a lot better. They also got a new tech for their knights.

They also fixed a bug that was hurting HRE a lot. Their MAA were not getting the damage from their unique techs when doing charge attacks. So their first attack in fights has been significantly buffed.

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