What do you all think the recommended specs will be for this game? I’m buying a gaming pc pretty exclusively for this. I want to be able to play it at max graphics no problem.

Specifically the display, what would be better for this game, a 4k display at 60hz or 1920x1080 @ 144hz? I know refresh rate isn’t a huge deal for RTS games like this.

Also graphics card - should I get the RTX 2060 (6GB GDDR6 dedicated) or the RTX 2070 w/ Max-Q? I’ve read the former performs better than the latter despite it being much cheaper.

Thanks everyone!

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Bruh,1060 will be enough for aoe4.It isn’t a gta vi.Actually ram is more important for rts games.i think 8gb will be min.16gb will be recommended.

Oh for sure but I want it to be as future proof as possible. I don’t mind spending up on the graphics card, I might play other stuff on it too. What about the display question though? That’s my main concern.

Well, maybe AOE 4 will have Ray Tracing. This technology will really become a norm. Optional of course. Knowing that Microsoft is working precisely with this tech to also improve the sound on the Xbox X Series. It is therefore likely I think. :thinking:

To be entirely honest, you’ll probably only need a mid-spec pc to be able to run the game at high graphic settings relatively away. It’s an RTS, not an open-world first person shooter with several layers of code being executed every 3 seconds… There are situations when a high-end pc would be useful, high population games are an example, but those are few and far between.


That’s what I was thinking. I went with the 60hz 4k because i’d rather be able to see the crispness and colors that this series offers rather than framerate. 60hz will be fine, it’s a slow mover compared to FPS games. Thanks all.