Spectate games

There should be a way to sort games by ladder rank so you can easily find high ranking games to watch, having to look at each game individually and look at the ratings of the players involved takes too long and can be frustrating if you’re just looking for a high rated game to watch


Here you go.

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Oh ty, still think there should be a in game way to sort it but this works thanks


Aoe2companion can sort of do this as well, at least for lobby games.

The in-game lobby and spectator system needs a complete overhaul, though. It’s annoying that you have to use third-party sites for an actually effective way of checking existing lobbies or ongoing games. Right now, in game it feels like you really are in the medieval times with how archaic everything looks and is. I guess it’s immersive?

They did add the medal system though. If you’re trying to just watch any high rated games, games that have a gold medal next to them should indicated there’s higher rated players in it.