Spectating Search Bugged?

Hello everybody!

i’ve done a search here and i don’t see anybody talking about this, so here goes:
The spectate search bar isn’t working. Whenever i try to spectate my friends playing, i can never find their matches :confused: I think it’s bugged, because i also tried searching for players who show up in the game pool and i can’t even find them using the search bar, which makes no sense.

My morning coffee + AoE ritual has been ruined since the release of the new DLC, which i bought happily because this is my favorite game ever. But come on, I miss yelling at the screen because of my friends weird decisions. Especially Jimmy Cooper, but that’s a different story.

Anyway, could somebody look into this? Aoe2net and aoe2insights isn’t working properly either.

Another thing i’ve noticed when i spectate random matches is that i can’t switch to the other players pov, sometimes the whole UI is gone, and sometimes the names from previous matches show up instead of the players who are actually playing.

Plz fix ;_;


Can’t find any of my friends’ games either, and after loading and loading more games to eventually find them, whenever I find them and try to watch it, my game crashes…

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Do you, guys, can find any ROR game to watch? IDK it is because lacking of game or what, but even when I know somebody actually plays, I can find it.

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I can’t find any of my friends when they’re playing, not even searching manually for them. :frowning: Any game, no matter what it is i can’t find. And even if i know some streamer is playing and i’m watching it on twitch, i go to spectate and it won’t find the match. I don’t know what’s going on but i hope they fix this soon!