Spectator Chat

I know this problem have been address by the community but i thought it would be nice to have it on the forum. When you are spectating a match it doesn´t show the chat between the players. It´s very fruistrating since this feature had been working in oldest editions and lowers the quality of the spect mode.
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Agreed! Spectator chat greatly enhances live tournaments and streaming community games. This brings new players to the community. And, more players means more money for Microsoft.

If there is some reason that the developers are intentionally NOT going to add spectator chat, could you please just tell us why?

When casting spectator chat is nice to understand some of the fun of community event games. It enhances watching deplo games a lot.

I’m glad it doesn’t share chat to spectators. They shouldn’t see private chats between people who are friends talking about anything and everything, including non-AoE discussions. (“Where are you going for dinner? How is so-and-so?”)

I thought it already did share and so I never allow spectators in games I set up.

If there was a toggleable option when setting up match that’d be cool. So we can share games without chats showing if we want, or with chats if we want.

Also, if chats were shared, when would they stop sharing? As soon as someone wins? Or would they be shared all through post-game stats review, etc? A lot of (more) non-AoE talk happens there, since AoE pretty much becomes a chat messenger at that point, which nobody needs to see