Spectator chat

I haven’t seen anything about that for a while now. I would really like having it. It would make watching games far more interesting. Also give a better idea on whats going on in the games i watch.

Would you like to have spectator chat back?

  • Yes
  • No

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Spectator chat improves the viewer experience in Twitch and YouTube. Those platforms are free product marketing that attract new players and buyers.

At this point, I would be happy to just to hear an official reply of:

  1. Yes, we will add it. It is on our list.
  2. Yes, we have considered adding it, but it’s a low priority.
  3. We haven’t really thought about it.
  4. No, we have decided not to add it, for the following reason…

Also could we get this pinned?

probably would be good to define meaning of “spectator chat”

As long as it causes us inconveniences with the capture age, it may be a viable idea.

I don’t think it will happen anytime soon, it’s not a Microsoft priority

It should be thought, youtuber like T90 suffer under this, and they are arguably, their biggest advertiser forctheie games


It means, that spectator can read the ingamw chat during matches between players

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I think we’ll have 2 more DLCs before we have a spectator chat and a decent spectator menu
In an interview for the latest DLC Ornlu asked Cision about it, he said that spectator chat was not a priority at the time

I think they should prioritize spectator chat as it will help boost youtube/twitch popularity. Part of the way we make it a priority to them is to ask for it.


what you describe is really player chat. Spectator chat is original feature of spectator mode which allows spectators to talk with each their while watching live game. If you watch pre-DE videos or stream you can notice !chatoff command person usually writes after starting to spectate to mute other spectators. It wasn’t added to DE while player chat is in DE, just not showing while spectating.

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That’s the thing, what’s the point of spectating a diplo game of you can’t read players discussion and intrigues.

Reason why T90 stopped hosting community games

Reason I stopped watching him

Reason why I don’t engange with aoe2 content as much anymore

Reason why Microsoft should add it to make people like me more invested and more likely, to buy aoe 4

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He is still do8ng community games. It would just make then more interesting


It would be interesting, I have not expected in the AOE4, but if in the 2 and 3, and putting an exclusive chat of spectators seems good to me, although this would not have to accept secret conversations with the players, but if talking with players through the chat , as is usually done after someone dies, that there is talk between the living and the dead.
Also, make it easy to access as in AOE3.

Great explanation @Tempires ! I never knew there was a difference between:

  • Spectator Chat, which allows spectators to talk to each other
  • Player Chat Visible to Spectators, which only allows the players to talk but let’s spectators (and replay) read it all

The latter is what I’m looking for. I wonder if this confusion in terms is why Microsoft has it as a low priority.


That is the same thing i am after. I always heard it called spec chat.

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There is no confusion about terms. Yes the definitions they presented are factually correct. However ‘spec chat’ is how everyone talks about it. If there was a confusion Microsoft would reply “spectators are currently able to talk to each other already, there is no problem”

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Both options should be in the game a long time ago

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it’s not currently in the game(DE) though?

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Oh really, my apologies. Maybe being defeated and spectating are different. I admit I don’t spectate games, but if I’m defeated I chat still if someone else is defeated/resigned also but someone refused to quit.