Spectator numbering logic is wrong (if you agree)

Age of Empires 2 players have long been expressing themselves or other players by the number of players corresponding to their color.

For example:

Blue: P1
Red: P2
Yellow: P3
Green: P4
Teal: P5
Purple: P6
Grey: P7
Orange: P8

Despite this situation, the above logic was not implemented in Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition. You may notice this situation when you join a game as a spectator. Now when we check the AOE 2 DE shortcuts, it can be seen that it is arranged as;

P1 (blue): CTRL + Shift + F1
P2 (red): CTRL + Shift + F2
P3 (yellow): CTRL + Shift + F3
P4 (green): CTRL + Shift + F4
P5 (teal): CTRL + Shift + F5
P6 (purple): CTRL + Shift + F6
P7 (grey): CTRL + Shift + F7
P8 (orange): CTRL + Shift + F8
P9 (Gaia): CTRL + Shift + F9
However, when you test these shortcuts in a game you enter as a spectator, you will see that there is a difference.

During the game setup, 8 players do not have to choose colors according to their order on this screen. But after entering the game, while a spectator wants to switch by color using the shortcuts I mentioned above, the game actually navigates through the players in the order of the setup screen. I think the error stems from this. This situation needs to be corrected.

Apart from that, I will also have a request. I think I will get support in this regard. It is much more useful to navigate using the “+” and “-“ keys to switch between players while spectating the players.

Let’s say you entered to spectate the game and first you are viewing P1(blue player). When you press “+”, it needs to switch to P2 (red player), and if you press “-“ it needs to switch to P8 (orange player). Perhaps the issue of the “+” or “-“ key binds coming by default can be discussed, but at least the setting area that will provide the transition I mentioned will be much shorter and more effective if presented as “View Next Player: +, View Previous Player: -”.

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Thank You

Yes, there are two number associated with each player: 1) color, 2) index. These are not always the same but the hotkeys assume they are.