Speculation about the Chakram Thrower

It seems a UU very similar to the Gbeto and the Throwing Axeman from Malians and Franks, long range and melee damage
What’s interesting from the video it’s that the Chakram weapon hit the first target and then goes to the next unit behind but not in a straight path, it’s like follow a frisbee path
That’s a new interesting mechanic
What do you think?


Looks cool like Captain America throwing his shield.


It reminds me of Nightsabers from Warcraft 3. It was one of the ways I imagined Chakram throwers to be, though I wasn’t sure how realistic it was.

Bounce mechanics might be OP in AoE2 though, especially if they’re unavoidable in how the next target is calculated.


Depends how weak it is. Could do like 4 damage and only bounce once. With a minimal bounce range.

I’m surprised the engine can even do it, if the bounce is real

There’s tons of things they could adjust to keep them in check

Likewise. I was hoping it would bounce around.
It could be balanced to be where the bounces only do like 2 damage-somewhat like the organ gun’s extra projectiles. (and of course having a cap for both distance and targets)

Though it looks like it’s just going to be an infantry scorpion. Not as fun imo, but still sounds interesting.

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Does it really bounce?
To me it looks more like just another piercing shot like scorpions.

But that’s fine, I think it could be a nice mechanic. But clear that they can’t have high attack with that kind of mult-target damage.

Yeah, I also think Bouncing mechanics would be a bit too much for the engine, so I’ll be very surprised if that is a thing. It’s hard to tell from the trailer, could’ve been piercing shot or something more like a multi-throw (fits the description of volley), sort of like Kipchak-Gbetos.

A Bounce mechanic sounds like it’s just a better version of other multi-shot units like Organ Guns/Hussite Wagons though, since the secondary projectiles have a very high case of missing whereas Bouncing seems to be way more accurate.

For now it amuses me how they translated it in my language in the steam description.
Basically the translator read the word “thrower” wrong and translated it like it was “tower”.
So in my language I’ll have “Chakram Tower” apparently. Nice.