Speculation for Season 6 patch change

Now that all the civ have been announced. I’m really hoping next week they will release the patch list for season 6 for existing civs.

What are your wish/ list, hopes for changes on the existing civs?

Mine are

  • improved naval balance (with better way to defend your fishing boat, either garrison ship shooting or other defensive advantage).

  • Placing gates on allied walls

  • Some new units for existing civ would be nice as well, but i doubt it will happen.


you are overestimating them way too much… ppl have been asking for this for YEARS. sadly they won’t now if they haven’t done in 2 years of game :frowning: .


They have added keshik, gulam, gazi raider , king… I don’t see why it’s impossible.


I have no expectation, I’m just hoping to be pleasantly surprised! :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m hoping Rams are removed from siege workshops tbh. As I mainly play team games its getting boring just seeing ram waves and Great Bombards as the only siege being used.

Or perhaps a ram nerf for imperial like making them weak to cannon emplacements.

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Gates on ally walls is pretty unlikely considering they haven’t added it in the past few years.

There will probably be some hefty civ changes, fingers crossed for HRE buffs. Maybe the original civs will get some more unique things to further seperate themselves from their variants (especially HRE/French)

Pretty sure they confirmed they would be looking into rams based on lasts patch’s notes so we will probably see something there.

Probably some kind of imperial Ottoman nerf?

They need to let us connect our walls with our allies as well as build gates on them to prevent harassment which happens sometimes.


I think this is in part a coding issue that may or may not be difficult to solve.

The other problem with putting gates on ally walls is that you could use that to delete allied walls if the concern is trolls walling you in.

I doubt they’ll add this now. But it shouldn’t be impossible… It would require to consider allied walls as a valid place to build yours. I think it can be technically done.

Ram would be fine if they just change it to 2 pop.
And also they could remove the tech that IMPROVE rams in age 4, instead of nerfing them.

Considering last patch they included the blurb
" Developer’s Note: This change is intended to specifically target late game rams. We also have longer-term goals to help scale them better throughout the Ages and ensure that melee units time to kill on Rams is in a good spot at all stages of the game."

There is a pretty good chance we get SOME kind of ram change or rebalance, though it’s not impossible we have to wait another patch.


Horse archers for the Ottomans, greetings.


i think they can fix model bug

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I hope they change keeps:
I think the reason why siege is weak is that units do too well vs buildings, in participular vs keeps and TCs.
I think that changing keeps so that only ships and siege (Not from Rams) can attack them, i would also change the hp of keeps, their damage and their cost. From 5000HP to 8500HP, the damage from 3 standard arrows to 10, the damage from 10 to 30, the damage type from ranged to siege, The Cost from 900Stone to 1600stone. This Changes would buff siege and keeps, because you know have to build siege to break the keep and rams would be nerfed. I think that you should have less keeps, less defense, but strong ones. That if a keep falls its a big lost. The damage changes i would do so that you cant ignore them like now, when you want to run trough.
Other changes i would make is that your walls and your allys walls can connect. I also would decrease the tax that you have to pay if you send your allys resurces. I think istead of 30% it could be 10%. What do you think about those changes? Does you guys have more ideas?

If they wanted to make regular units worse against keeps, they could just bring back good boiling oil. Decreasing taxes on tributing makes strats where you just funnel all your resources into 1 player too strong. We already see that to an extent (particularly in AOE2), since 1 player with 200 pop in imperial can easily whipe the floor against 2-3 feudal age armies.

Looks like still no walling on allies (this is probably a code issue). However you can connect walls now! Also the fixing on wall end-segments is huge (as well as connecting to mines/berries).
Also gate directions dont matter.