Speculation on the African civs

We know Hausa is going to be in the game already,(if you don’t know why I say that I explain it later)Ethiopia would also make perfect sense, there is a chance for one more, maybe 2 but I wouldn’t my hopes up though, we’ve never gotten 4 civs from an expansion. So I think either 3 or 2

In the Reddit post someone finds that there are images for African villagers in the files, so just like the Asians and native Americans, the African villagers will have a their own look, and it will look something like this.

The houses in this picture looks very Ethiopian to me, they look like the aoe2 houses. The castle looks like it could be a unique fort, witch I think is most likely, when I think of Ethiopia,I think of how they defended
Against the Europeans. And I feel that Ethiopia would be a defensive civilization, Inca were designed to be defensive, and they got a unique fort, I don’t think the other African civs will have a fort like the one that Ethiopia would have. In the top left, you see a red building that, very obviously doesn’t look African, when I see it I think of the Hanseatic league Hanseatic League - Wikipedia
The Hanseatic league was based in northern Germany, and was a union of city-states that eventually encompassed a large part of Northern Europe, the Hanseatic league doesn’t fit the timeline of age of empires 3, however even to this day, you can see that the Hanseatic league made buildings that changed the way buildings in Sweden and the Baltic region, in fact, even to this day you can see Hanseatic architecture in Northern Europe. And so this building has something to do with Sweden or Germany for sure, not sure what exactly it will do, but it will probably be similar to the Asian consulate. In aoe3 wars of liberty, the African civs use a building called the library, and they then choose a religion, maybe this could be something of that nature? The usa civ feels slightly wars of liberty inspired, so I don’t think it’s that far fetched as for the map, this definitely looks like the savana or maybe tropical dry? Unfortunately, the link to the second picture of the Hausa (Hausa is confirmed because the flag is the Hausa flag) didn’t work for me, if someone could reply with a picture the of the second picture that was shown at the April 10th reveal for the African civs that would be nice, but in the picture that green and white flag with the pattern looks like the Hausa for sure Hausa people - Wikipedia
As for the heavy cavalry in the picture, they look powerful by the picture and the picture is all we have so therefore I will assume they will be an expensive, but powerful unit. The the Hausa picture we see a fort looking building that doesn’t at all look like the fort of the other civilization we saw in the first picture, maybe it’s an African tower, but it definitely looks smaller than the first fort we saw. We also see what appears to be a market to the left, and next to the cavalry I see what could either be a rifle wielding infantry, or maybe a spear unit, but to me I think it’s a form of a skirmisher. We also see a unit wearing gold riding a camel, maybe the African scout will be the king? Hausa are from west Africa, a gold rich region where the kings wore gold. But it could also be just a noble person, as they also wore gold, we also see a town center and villagers gathering crates, different civilizations have different looking crates so even though these look different doesn’t mean it’s a new resource
(it could however but it also could not)
Assuming it’s something we already have in the game, it looks like a food crate. Is there anything else you guys notice that looks interesting? I’m very exited for the African expansion and so far from the two images we see they definitely look unique.


They actually spent most of the period defending against other Africans and the Ottomans, WITH THE HELP of Europeans.

If anything, the Hausa had legendary walls and fortifications, so they should be the Defensive civ.

" To mark and protect her new lands, Amina had her cities surrounded by earthen walls. These walls became commonplace across the nation until the British conquest of Zazzau in 1904, and many of them survive today, known as ganuwar Amina (Amina’s walls).[4]"


Both actually, although I mention mainly the Europeans because I think that’s what comes to most people’s mind first, the Ethiopians defended from a lot of other peoples as well. While the defending form the Europeans from Ethiopia was more toward the end of the game’s timeline, I think after seeing the usa in the game, the game it’s trying to shift toward a slightly later timeframe, it kind of makes sense, the rules of the game were decided off of how the game was, not the other way around. As for the Hausa being a defensive civ as well, I could definitely see that, assuming those are the only two African civs, that would mean the African civs are defensive. Stan not too far fetched to say they would make all the Africans defensive as they made all the native civs rushing civs.

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I think it would also be great if they included Zulus of some sort of bantu peoples


I would really like to get Zulus and Moroccans.
Zulus should get in on namesake alone, they were the most legendary of the native empires in the Modern Era.
The Moroccans conquered a huge swath of Africa, and have so much History with and against Europe and the Ottomans, that they are a huge gap too, if missing.


I really dont want to see an african civ. You just know balance decisions will be made for questionable reasons. Its going to make it even harder on the old euro civs than it is now.

european civs are anything but weak tho?

They are grievously outdated, however.


Hausa Architecture:
Hausa Cavalry:

Hausa: Defensive, Cavalry
Ethiopians: Very diverse
Moroccans: Camels, Navy, Gunpowder
Zulu: Infantry


Both Ethiopian & Hausa architecture & buildings looks awesome :ok_hand:t2:
What do you think about this tent behind hausa’s market ?

I think hausa lancers will be very strong & maybe expensive cavs :thinking:

That’s the model used to make the Berber tent sprites in Age2DE repurposed as a proper ingame model in Age3DE. It’s used as eye candy in the Historical Battles, and may get used if we get any new campaigns in the same way the tents in the original campaigns were, as irreplaceable houses.


I think the building in front of the tent in the market because it has a similar size as the other markets of other civs. The tent could be something else Hausa have access to, or maybe it’s just eye candy.

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The tent is likely just a reference to the Berber tents from AoE2, which were released with the African Kingdoms expansion.


Yeah, but we know they are confirmed already, so we kind of just have to hope for the best in terms of balance. I feel like with the usa they definitely were not as OP as Inca and Sweden were on release, so I think the devs are starting to hold back on making the new civs ridiculously op and now they want to make them above average probably.

That is their market from what we can tell, yeah.