Spelling Error end of the First Hun Mission

God should be capitalized here as we speak of Christian God not some pagan

Also i see i dont get petards in second mission anymore when did this change :wink:

This is such a minor error, just let it go.

Well depends on your perspective. Since it’s written as “Roman god”, it seems to indicate a type of deity and not in name specifically. Written differently, it would be “the god of the Romans”. Would you capitalize that? Independently of which god we are talking about? Since it doesn’t seem to written from the perspective of a christian and isn’t naming the god, it seems correct.
To clarify, God is a god, but not every god is God.

Edit: To be fair, it’s written in a incredibly confusing way. The story is told by a priest, presumably christian. Yet the priest says “he did not worship the Roman god.” If the god was the christian God, then why would the priest say it like that? Surely a Christian priest should refer to him as just God. Christianity was Romes state religion at the time (not sure what that means). So maybe the priest isn’t Christian.

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During Attila’s time Rome had Christianity as State Religion, persecuting non-Christians within the Empire.

God is the God :wink:

Yes I would capitalize this because that God is Yahweh

Anyway the priest wears a crucifix

Makes no sense in the context of even the old gods because they did not have one they had many.

No one will touch this with a 10 foot pole and that is a problem in general.

It weird that a Christian priest would say “the Roman god” or “the Roman God” instead of just “God”.