Spit into face of all players

Still not ban … Am really disgusted by your approach toward this @LELIC

its just and only shame on your account and you show to all of us you dont give a sh*** about fair and healtry gameplay.

King of all cheaters not baned even after month? Oh I wonder how long is this gonna take in others cases.

Now we should all asked ourself why are people so triggered and numbers are dropping when even the most crucial aspect of every game - a FAIR GAME is not accomplished in this game.

There are still many many many more players hidden to us and we (regular players) cannot even detect and report them because of your epic HIDE MATCH HISTORY (5head 70IQ move).

I would bet my testicle there is not even a way to report somebody in this game.

Congrats for a discovering a way how to lose players ASAP :slight_smile:

Hey and you Forum editor dont you even dare to hide this post cause I covered his nickname (Altough everybody knows him) and do not relocate this threat into discuss zone BECAUSE this has to be bug. Bug in the employee work and someone should be punished because of this.

There’s a report button next to the user’s name after the match and also I think in the top right corner of the profile screenshot you shared.

We can only estimate how many times this button was used into his account right? :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t know. I’m only responding to your claim that there’s no way to report.

You mean this?

How are u gonna investige who dropped in 4v4 match when everybody has his own match history hidden?
Even when only two of 4 (which is in most cases at least two) are u gonna do a lotery and risk you report somebody who does not used a crash-cheat?

And of course there is a way to report

But clearly as u can see its close to useless when this guy was not perma-baned yet.

He was not reported only by this button but even by official websites many times and I personally asked support trough e-mail why he was not baned yet?

Of course without any non-robotic answer with quotes like we will look on it etc. etc.

This should take cca. 5-10 seconds to realize if this guy is a cheater or not and NOT 1 MONTH or even more. On top of that he is still only like 1% of all cheaters … rest is hidden to us


The Dev is on the holiday season and will be back in January :

I believe they have noticed this exploit issue, They will continue to work on it in January.