Split Map pool and Rankings into 4 categories: Agressive, Versatile, Restrictive and Closed

Just what the titel says. I think this is the way to go
AOE2 is a very complicated game. And most players prefer to play in one of the 4 mentioned categories.

I personally prefer versatile maps like arabia, but I can also see why a lot of people like closed ore agressive maps. I personally usally ban all hyperagressive or hyperclosed maps cause they are too predictive for me. But I can understand why other people have other preferences.

Example for Map types.
Agressive: Socotra, Atacama
Versatile: Arabia (what else?)
Restrictive: 4 Lakes, Gold Rush, Islands
Closed: Hideout, Arena

Just how I would appproach that issue.

Everybody can select as many map types from that as he likes. If somebody only wants to play agressive maps, he can chose that one.

Solving nothing. People still could do the same. Want to play only arena? they would alt+f4, why they would fix thier behavior?
It’s delusional to think that they would fix their behavior.

It’s a joke.

** they even have option to restrict queue (queue locked if u change ur settings).

U overestimated the difficulty to find solution. The problem could be fixed in dozens ways.

They just have to fix it.
Or we should #getused

those categories make no sense

but yes, it should be split up

there should be a queue for maps where every single civilization bonus is relevant. if the game is balanced by civilizations having strengths & weaknesses, then that only works if those weaknesses actually come up. letting people see the map before picking civs and positions was the saddest part of the game. it made the vast majority of civs useless because they couldn’t compete with people forcing civs that have no weaknesses and just spam one unit more efficiently than anyone else can

I don`t know if these categories could work, but what about elo per map, and a average ELO of all maps’ ELOs? Then vanish the ban system, you play whatever you want…

You trying to make the “protest” hashtags a thing is one of the cringiest things in the forum, no offence

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Good luck in getting maps placed in a category. Also these categories dont really make a lot of sense. I would say that maps like Atacama, Arabia and Gold rush should all consider as the same category, since they are open land maps. You put them all three in different categories.

That means lots of different ladders on which your elo needs to settle, which take a long time. And if you dont play a lot on a map, then for sure your elo is not accurate, so the match is unbalanced.

Also unlimited maps isnt really the option. It is like the Braess’s paradox. More roads looks better, but that isnt always the case. More maps can lead to less games and less variety. So you will be back at the pre DE case: Only Arabia, BF, Arena en Nomad will be played.

4 Lakes would make more sense as Versatile. For Versatile you can add some more maps like Hamburger, Nomad, Bay, etc.

These 2 have to be in the same category, since you can use the exact same build orders (and strategy in general) for success.

But I agree with you in general, I think the concept itself would be interesting to try out.

Maybe I just like Arabia too much. I think no other map ever reached that level of versatility. So maybe I put maps like atacama in the other categories because they are way less versatile than this map.

I agree with hamburger and nomad in versatile, but I think that all side pond maps should be in the “restrictive” category. The fish boom is just too strong to allow versatile gameplay.

Just decrease amount of fish then. But still, 4 Lakes is far from a restrictive map. It’s one of the breathing space maps for those who are bored of the monotonous gameplay of Arabia and its clones.

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But maybe matchmaking should be made taking in count both Map`s ELO and average ELO… Idk, just freely thinking