Spongy Unit?

Would spongy units be good or bad? The unit job is to tank, but does low damage. They are meant to outlast their opponent, rather than kill quickly. They are meant to be annoying. They almost act like rams that can defend themselves in melee, since infantry have bonus damage vs buildings anyway. Which gets stronger with arson.

In MMORPG these types of units (or character in their case) exist, they are often supported by a healer to keep them in the fight. In AOE’s ease, a monk. So, these are slow and lumbering units can be good as meat shield for DPS units like archers behind them.

About the same movement speed of a teutonic knight, Low damage, just 6, but plus five vs cavalry, very high hp and armor. Let’s just say, base armor is 15/15. Immune to anti infantry attacks. 150 HP.

In my Croatians civ concept, their UU, the Banus, is exactly that. A cavalry unit with absurdly high HP and both types of armor, but has very low attack, an extremely slow training speed, and even worse movement speed than the Boyar. While they have low attack, a Castle Age unique tech gives them a bonus vs archers.

Of course, they’re still exceptionally weak to spears, but since the Croatians are focused on infantry and have good archers, they have an answer to them.

The problem with a tank is that unless they can pose a threat like rams can to buildings, then there is no reason to attack them. There is no taunt or CC. Now you could probably have like a damage redirect effect implying it takes cover fire but if it cant do much then it has no place even if it has 1mil hp


Rams do hold that role against Britons. They can draw fire by virtue of being the closest to the opponent, threaten the trebs, and barely take any damage from longbows (but are vulnerable to halbs/light cav). Bohemian Hussite Wagons are also notable, as they halve damage for projectiles that shoot over them. And a meat shield for ranged units (typically light cavalry or halbs) is somewhat common.

A spongy unit would pair well with monks (assuming it’s healed instead of repaired). But unless the unit has another role (beyond tanking damage), there isn’t much reason to attack them.

Also, Lancaster’s square law is relevant: twice as many units means roughly 4 times the power (actually a bit less in AoE2 for reasons - but even so, a large amount of a tanky but weak unit would be dangerous against enemies)