Springald. Agree or Disagree?

So they are planning to release a fix for springalds.

Damage from 60-20 to 30-90, thats a bit intense change but i guess it will be much better than what we have currently.

But that will also cause another big issue. There is nothing on land to fight against ships. Also wouldn’t culverin be destroyed by springalds now? I feel like 40-40 would have been fine.

Do you agree that springalds should also have bonus damage against ships? Not just siege?


I like this idea a lot, at the end game if there is a ton of siege coming against you this is a great counter. However you’re not thinking about making these now right away IMO.

Agree about ships, maybe also add bonus dmg against them

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I agree, I think siege bonus against building should also give bonus against ships.

That way, a bouceback on water would be possible now.

A this time, water maps are a whoever wins water feudal win. There is no depth in the strategic planning on water.

It’s basically win water or land early to destroy ennemy. So attack or attack ? There is no expand or boom option.

Giving more tools to defend against an ennemy who have superiority against water is really necessary. I would really love more balanced water maps :slight_smile:

Im pretty sure a single bombard would outrange most ships and do tons of dmg.

Also, making outposts next to your docks/shores works just as well.
Mount a springald or cannon on them and they will trade really well with most ships.

Thats age 4 though. Would be nice to have a counter age 3, and trebuchets wont make it unfortunately with the accuracy. So the logical choice is springalds.

Im pretty sure you can build outposts with springald emplacements at age 2.
They trade better than normal springalds because they are buildings as well.

The fix is doing good work, honestly the factions that don’t get culverins should not suffer. 40-40 would be too weak and closer to the current meta which I think most of us don’t want.

Highly agree. They killed 2 birds with a stone with this one.
Not having to deal with springald spam and having a tool to deal with Bombard spam on late game. I am really looking forward for this patch. This single handedly makes it the best aoe4 patch for me so far

What about culverins and ships? Dont you think culverin will become obsolete and ships too hard to counter from land?

I dont think culvs will become obsolete as they still have e much better stats. But it evens things up for civs that don’t have access to culverins.
I do agree about ships being harder to counter now from land as towers don’t do that much damage to attack ships so once you loose water you are screwed. I think adding a bonus against ships on springalds wouldn’t hurt. Maybe give them + 50 so they do the same damage they do against siege before the nerf.

Yeah 30 base damage seems fine finally. Just wish there was a bonus against ships.

Totally agree. Towers usually get destroyed by mass ships.

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