Springald nerf coming next week along with bugfixes and a Delhi fix (hopefully)

Devs on stream: Twitch


You mean the things they said they’ve done in this update?

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Yes those things lol

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Alot of the stuff in the patch was not fixed, im hopeing we get some truth from these devs at some point.

OK, couldnt watch that stream for more than 5 minutes, they cant even setup a microphone.
Meanwhile the AoE4 experience right now:


Honestly no idea how this got through their testing. It’s super easy to replicate. It’s like their not even testing their own game.

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It froze everybody’s game and you can also see the careless attitude of other player in the chat.

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If they fix the game breaking bugs, and fix the prelate glitch, I will play again. Only time will tell. For now its all SC2 and Element TD2

At around 48 minutes they talk about it.

Next week coming:

  • Fix for Abbasids tech exploit
  • Fix for infinite resources exploit
  • Springald rebalance


  • Delhi sacred site rush will stay nerfed
  • Horsemen still subject to change as they want them to win engagements against mass archers
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Very hype for bugfixes. That said I have managed to play many games and have yet to come across a bug abuser in team games.

I hope they fix the mini map, it’s horrible.


Mini map icons are too small. Please make them a little bigger.

It’s because they keep insisting with symbols, which will inevitably get too big or too small, rather than dots of unique colors that stand out.

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It would be better if they made the minimap larger overall.

Nice to see confirmation for the hotfixes that they are coming.