Springalds need tuning, but don't forget about Clocktower Bombards

So apparently Springald nerfs are in the works. Great! Springalds are way too good. However, I’m concerned about what this will mean for the Chinese Clocktower Bombards.

These beefy things already have like 800 HP and superior range to practically all other siege weapons. With such range they can skirmish you, do damage, and only take negligible losses due to insane range, HP, rate of fire, and general speed, and eventually just build up a critical mass. Critical mass of Clocktower Bombards lategame is un-counterable, making the strategy against Chinese “kill them before lategame or lose”, which isn’t exactly the best strategy from a design standpoint. These things even counter Culverins, which are supposed to be the gunpowder counter to siege. Springalds are essentially the only thing you can make to even hope to cost-effectively counter them, but if Springalds are made worse, then these guys will essentially have nothing to viably contend with them.

So, yes, please nerf springalds, but do something about those Chinese guns too!

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I think the best way to tune their power down a slight bit is to make them slower to move if they come out of the clocktower.

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Either tuning their speed so you can catch them and destroy them (right now they are as fast/faster than Infantry), or increasing the power of Culverins so they can trade more effectively vs them would be the way I would do it. In their current state, these things can even defeat French Royal Culverins on the field.