Springalds still not nerfed

Devs, Yoooooo? You guys here?
You need to “Nerf” springalds!!!
What is this???


Neither springalds nor demolition ships nor chivalry. Very disappointing.


They even mentioned springalds at the beginning of the patch, why? Are they joking or what?


actually… i not see springgald so lammer
the game is developing and people still haven’t found 100% how to handle it

but they need some upgrade in their cost

If springalds will have the same range as culverins in imperial age they shouldn’t be faster, that’s absolutely ridiculous to have something that is cheaper, has the same range, is faster and vastly outrades a unit that only 3 civs get.

I feel it should have been pretty simple to do some small change like 50 + 30 vs siege to test the waters on a nerf if they were worried about changing it too drastically. I think they should have bonus vs ships too though.

stop complaining beta testers, new patch is out get back to testing