Spy needs a rework

spies need ranged attack and a good bonus for mercenary strategies because spies are useless they don’t do their job of killing mercenaries effectively

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I’d like them to have some sort of ability maybe a kind of crackshot like the explorer to just take out 1 unit, it could have a long cooldown of course.


They could have a sniper type attack. Each shot takes a not so long time to recharge, and each shot costs coins to fire. Something like a bounty hunter. I have this idea inspired by the ghost of SC-2, where the unit requires energy to be used. The energy could be replaced by coins. Can you imagine taking out a Mamluk with a single shot?


o custo dele muito alto deveria dividir para ter comida também

think spy just like team fortness spy

They are hard to use effectively if the opponent has any sort of a mixed composition of units.

The only time they are effective is if your lucky enough for them to bunch the mercs up and march right into your massed spies in stealth mode.

That is glorious.

Unfortunately it’s also rare.

Spies should prioritize attacking mercenaries and would have to have a passive ability that allows them to spot them at great distances, this way they could ambush mercenary units with ease and perhaps even set traps to slow down the enemy army. :slightly_smiling_face:


Spy can add poison melee damage, damage buildings, and new unit Assassin Guild wagon (It can also allow assassins to study more technology)to Assassin cards. Agent cards can allow spy to steal enemy intelligence, buildings, and new unit intelligence agency wagon, (It can also allow agents to study more technology)among others :smiley:

Here is a random thought

  • allow spies and similar units to have no collision and cannot be snared.
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I think Spies should have other roles, such as having bonus damage against Settlers/Villagers, against artillery and against buildings, like Oprichniks.

spies used to have good siege, but that lead to spy rushes with otto so probably not going to go there again

They only need to revert invisible to stay unfound when get close to enemy.

Being right next to a unit should still reveal it from stealth. But there should be ~3 second grace period so you can still actually make use of it.


That gives me an idea, but for stealth units in general, so I’ll post it in another forum.

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A gunshot that fires the spy? I mean by default no cards and weird stuff, investing in spy cards is quite expensive and unfavorable it would be helpful for spies to work against mercenaries by default. I preface future questions that will tell me but spies are anti mercenaries they work well you just have to massacre them, it’s not cost effective and they often lose against their own counter even if you put them in melee and confuse them with other units.

Yeah that’s the problem with them. If they have any sort of unit mixing the spies tend to get rolled quite easily.