Stale pushing deer meta: What if we would adjust the starting food a bit?

Just want to adress the current meta of pushing in your deer.
The thing with that is that you can’t really drush as you don’'t scout your opponent.Also it gives extra free food that allows you to invest more into different things like walling, more military or a better set up economy in general.
Also with pushing in your deer you just have enough free food for certain civs with food bonusses to make a pre-mill archer play, which is seemingly very strong on TGs.

Imo we would have 2 options here if we want to diversify the meta more:
A) give more free food (sheep/berries), so all civs can go for that heavy early feudal agression
B) Move the deer further away so that you need to mill them. This could be made in a manner that the deers always spawn “in the back”, like away from the opponent canp. So if you see your opponent you know in what direction are your deers and can send vills out to mill them. With the deers much durther away it would become increasingly awkward to push them.

With the latter one it would be way more revarding to try to scout your opponent early even if you don’t want to drush because you would also get the information about your deer at the same time. Also more further away deer patches can reward drushes as you could take away that extra food more easil if you can’t damage your opponent directly.
In the exchange of the further away deer there yould be a bit more other free food like sheep or berries, but that’s not necessary.

With the first concept if all civs just have access to a bit more free food there would assumably less emphasis to push the deer early, therefore scouting the opponent could be more revarding aswell.

Other ideas to diversify the current early game meta a bit?

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I think option B) is nice. There was meant to be a trade-off between pushing deer and scouting, but people have become so fast that these days you can generally push 2 deer and go look for opponent as you make the 17th villager or something which is plenty of time to find them.

Ideally pushing 2+ deer should leave you totally in the dark about the opponent’s whereabouts.