Stand ground stance un-toggles whenever you move your units

This is pretty counterintuitive considering that the other formations and stances don’t change whenever you move units.

It makes stuff like ambushes hard to pull off without excessively microing to make sure you haven’t untoggled the stand ground stance on your units.


noticed that too… it is a ‘toggle’ button after all, not sure why they went with the sc2 model. It’s a single press there and you’d expect to press it again after moving a unit (or Shift queue it). It’s possible they implemented the toggle in the beginning but saw that you can too easily encircle enemy units? After all they become ‘immovable’ (not like in WC3 where you have to keep pressing it or your units will be pushed away)

I also got to mention, I wish there were more stances such as the Guard stance. Really miss that. A good example to use the guard stance is to guard your monk/priest while he’s carrying a relic for example. With the stand ground stance, they literally stand there obediently…

I also miss the Patrol stance. Hope they take this into consideration and perhaps add it in the future. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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