Stand up for yourself, please record your discord team chats

I made a mistake to think I wouldn’t have to record like a rideshare driver. Please stand up for yourself, don’t let players bully you and record the audio. People should not be saying horrible things to people in voice chat. Disgusting things about parents, mental health, and sexual derogatory things.

As a person with mental health challenges, I never let people discriminate me for my ongoing challenges and nobody else should either. Life is too short to let bullies have their way.

Multiplayer gaming is always toxic. You can play game just fine without using discord + voice chat. It will affect your life even more later if you let random people on the internet affect you to this extend. You always have option to block people/leave chat or just don’t use it. The entire game perfectly playable.

Oh yeah love the game, gonna prolly uninstall though for my own health.

I’ve been foolishly grinding since the release. Resilience is always important, I’ll move on from this. This is just the ultra rare instance and I’ve never heard all the most horrible things all at once in voice chat. I accept that I cannot control what this person.

It’s a shame, I don’t get the luxury of treating like this to people. People with mental health challenges are perceived as ticking time bombs and I just took it so personally.

When I watched the replay saying it was all my fault that we were gonna lose but I still did my part to help win the game even though he said I was the worse player on the team.

It sucks too cuz now I can’t talk to the other people who I could’ve potentially played with. Always forward though it’s prolly good though as well. Need to refocus my life.