Standard army hitpoint bug?

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The patch notes stated " Standard Army Hit Points (II): Increased the attack and hit point bonus for Steppe Riders and Chu Ko Nu from +15% :arrow_forward: +20% ."

But the ingame description only increases HP, so which one is it supposed to be?? HP only or both HP and atk?

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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  1. Open game
  2. read description

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It’s supposed to be hitpoints only, the patch notes must be wrong.

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Yeah it probably is, though I would like to get official confirmation’

On the one hand, Boyars for china sounds great.

On the other hand, Boyars for china is probably OP

Not really OP, China already have Western Reform that effect all of its army but only 8% in age 4. Besides all of China army base hp and attack are worse than every other civ and have no arsenal like upgrade except for Brits consulate that add 7% hp to all unit. So low base with percentage increase is not gonna make big difference. The 5% increase on the card above is like only 7HP extra for Steppe Rider for example.

Taking into account that they have 30 range resist, that does mean that they have like 230 range hp, which is pretty good, it takes 11 musket shots to kill 1 of them. For a unit that is half the cost of a Cossack which is already pretty cheap I think thats pretty good. You just need to spam enough of them.

@TeenagedApple0 I have not been able to finde where it says it increases the attack for Steppe Riders and Chu Ko Nu. Could you send me the link where you found this information? Thanks!

well they seem to have edited it in the article, but its still there on the steam page