Standard/basic strategies/mechanics for AoE

I played AoE 1 (also RoR) alot but I’m gonna be honest here, I was like 4years old when I started playing and since then I never really played it seriously and yes I used cheats alot.(bigdaddy was the best one by far lol)

So I recently installed the old game again and I realized I’m not really good at this game.

Well, here I am asking you guys for basic strategies or general tips to improve myself so I can stand a chance in upcoming Multiplayer battles in AoE DE.

Please share your wisdom with me.

If you hear wololo, but you don’t have a priest, RUN!!

Look at this :

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Look at this :

Thank You!

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Look at this :

Some good stuff here, thanks for the link BoU, this will help new players.

The crucial thing for anyone new to online play is to keep the TC busy constantly as the economy is all about exponential growth and if you are on a water map like Conti go fishing ships early. The principles are the same as in AOK but with a slight twist in that the AOK became about taking out the Town Centres whilst AOE is about hitting the villagers, as the guy with the strongest economy will win. Garrisoning made going for the Town Centres far more important in AOK than AOE

Saw a post earlier today telling someone to go 20 villagers, then build 10 more in Tool and then 20 more in Bronze… errr why?

The only reason you stop in Tool is if you are Tool rushing otherwise an economy of between roughly 24 villagers (without fishing ships) should be able to go straight to Bronze within a few seconds of dropping the neccessary Tool Age buildings, getting woodcutting at the market as you go to Bronze then in Bronze straight for wheel to boost your econ/unlock chariots/run away from any axemen.

6 Villagers on Berries should give you constant Villager production, possibly 7 if you place your Granary badly or 5 if Shang (if they keep 40 food villagers). The next few should go wood for a dock and one to explore (watch out for pairs of lions). Look out for choke points which your exploration villager can start to fill with housing as a temporary wall. Don’t need to bother with stone or gold until Bronze/Iron, the starting 150 stone can build quite a bit of small wall.

Shore fishing is the fastest source of food and if lucky can lure elephants to the storage pit.

Hunting is second fastest

With Berry Gathering and Farming much slower. With farming being a pain due to the need to replace the farms, hence why water maps like continental were favoured.

I just created a Youtube channel for this purpose: There is just one video tutorial right now, but I will be expanding it with more basic and advanced tutorials for newer players. Subscribe if you want to stay updated.