Standard the time

The time 1.0 is based for the "slow speed: mode. However, most of the players play the standard speed which is x1.7 in the game. So, why not standardize the game speed to the standard speed to 1.0?


That would be so slow. Why would we need to?

Why change something that doesnt need to bd changed? All thid would do is create confusion as oeople think 1.0 is slow speed, wonfer where 1.7 is, or make it so the devs have to figure out what the new 1.0 is.

Hes not saying chabge the speed. Basically 1.7 would be relabeled 1.0 even tho time still progresses at 1.7. Its an unnecessary vhange imho that woilf cause confusion.

The 1.0 speed means that 1 second in game = 1 second in real life, and that wouldn’t be true of the 1.7 speed.

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but the time scale isn’t x1.7/sec, it’s 1 month 12 days 12 hours/sec

It is x1.7/second if you use the clock top center of your screen, the same one that show the game length at the end in minutes and hours.

I agree.
It’s confusing when ‘34 minutes’ means ‘34 minutes game time’, ie ‘20 minutes real time’. Especially when spectating.
And it’s even more confusing when easy division by 1.7 isn’t possible.


I like… just make the normal speed 1:1 and slow time 1:2

and now we have to change all the unit training times in game. seems like a huge waste for no real gain.

I second this. Why can’t “normal” game speed equal real life time?

What is the big deal? People will learn new times eventually. And sync up times is always a pro…

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i mean the unit training times. if you’re changing this everything else changes, build times, training times, etc. all that data would have to be adjusted accordingly. seems a lot of change for a small gain.

Unit training times are already messy and i havent memorized most of them (im sure better players have) but for us pleb it would throw off bigger stuff such as vill training time/loom and age up time

Its not about memorizing times. Its about for example a knihjt takes 30 seconds but with this change youd have to reducd that number to 17.6 seconds. And change. Not to mention what would happen to research times.

before change knights train in 30 ingame seconds 17.6 irl and after its 17.6 ingame/17.6 irl, so the irl doesnt change and it still feels the same and doesnt throw off your game sense, so if its not about memorizing then how does it ruin anything?

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Did i say it ruined anything? Though it does beg to question what wiuld become of the slow speed and what not.

That said it feels completely unnecessary. Why does it need to change? Is it so hard ro understand the differencd between real world time and game time? How often does the difference actually matter? Why change something so fundamental to the game?