Star Age Event Challenges EZ Unlock

This Mod is intended to make it extremely easy to pass the Event Challenges.

Disclaimer: If you find that this takes the fun out of everything, this Mod is not for you.

For each event, open a skirmish vs one AI, Infinite resources, All Visible, pop limit 500 pick the appropriate Civ, and the starting Age required(if any).

After each challenge is completed, resign from game, and load it again when the next challenge becomes available.

Star Age Event Challenges

  1. A Booming World - Build 2 additional Towncenters (Start in Any Age)

  2. Clock is ticking! - Train 10 vills with less than 30s Idle time. (Start in Any Age, Select all TC and Make villagers)

  3. Water Control - Build 15 fish traps (Command Fishing ships to build Traps)

  4. Mayan rain - Use Feathered Units to kill 50 units (Will work automatically, used Elite Plume/ Elite Eagle

  5. May the Forge be with you - Research 10 Techs affecting champions (Start in Feudal, Research Techs, Advanced to castle, Research Techs, then Imperial. If you don’t reach 10 Techs, resign and do it again.)

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Why do you need a mod? You can already cheese them as easily without the mod. DM settings works fine. Only for the 10 champs tech you need to make sure you dont start with all tech enabled.

I didn’t even know there was an event going on.

Yeah, I’ve been just completing the mods through natural play or cheesing it through a Skirmish.

This event doesn’t seem like it needs anything special, but some events have required you to do some random things, so these mods do have some value for some players so they don’t have to set up some special settings and whatnot.