Start with more villager than 6?

  1. how it related to noobs?

  2. every exuse here about some “other” group of players…
    let noobs to decide for themselves. I do not see how the change affect gameplay of noobs.

  3. about PR → just balance
    + Ban rate do not transform into WR

you can stutter step each scout while also get a sense of the map generation bounds in each game while getting vital scouting information in the early game and make a good plan on how you place your scouts to intercept the opponent’s scout while you go for an early tower rush or boar.
There is no player that can do this perfectly. Good luck!

Yea I know that tbh but as others have mentioned this is far from being enough if you want to play this game competitively also in the early game.

if you pull that off perfectly, let me know and I donate to your video.

This game offers far more decision making that you are able to compute and your reply tells me that you just scratched the surface. More speed doesn’t translate into a better strategy game. See StarCraft 2 for example, that mostly works on tactics and specific build orders, rather than free flow grand strategy decision making like Supreme Commander.

Nothing comes for free. A faster game rewards short term decisions and a slower game mid to long term decisions. You can introduce certain elements to reward either of those, but you can do so many decision in each given millisecond.

If you are looking for a high skill ceiling, this is the game. If you just look for complexity (as you mentioned in your previous comment) RTS isn’t the genre for you. I rather advice going for Grand Strategy or Economy Simulator where you spend more time learning the mechanics. RTS is less about working for perfection in certain openings. Fighting games could interest you in that as well, since they need labbing for many hours with certain combos or moves.

See you in ranked!