Starting a multiplayer match often takes several attempts

When I play multiplayer quick match vs players with some friends we find:

  • About the time someone in our party drops from the party (but for the person who drops, it looks like they’re still in the party).

  • To make it work at least one person has to restart the game.

  • Friends listed in the offline friends section, with a status of Online (and they are online on their screen).

  • Some players get weird bugs when all the players on both teams are loading into the lobby. Example: one player (me) gets a “starting in 25177” countdown (7 hours).

  • Sometimes everyone in the game gets an error message when the game attempts to start.

The player online/offline list, party creation, and match finding process, all feel like they are riddled with bugs. It routinely takes us several tries (including game restarts) to find a game.

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties here @DerSaidin. How many players are you typically playing with when you have issues? Next time you receive an error message, can you note it down?

Usually 3v3 or 4v4.

I will gather errors/logs.

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I think I figured this out.

I duel boot Linux and Windows. They set the hardware clock differently (Windows sets it to local time, Linux to UTC). This means whenever I boot windows and immediately open AOE4 (cause that is why I boot windows), my system time is wrong. I think when the clock is synced with the network again, and changes by several hours it de-syncs me with the game lobby.

I haven’t experienced this since I set windows to use UTC, the same as Llinux (, so the clock is never (massively) wrong when I start to play AOE4.

Thank you for the extra info—we’ll definitely take a look!