State militia is broken

Imperial volunteer (state militia) maybe is the most cost-effective unit I have ever seen. Literally, they can reach almost the same stats as an imperial Neftenya without mountain monasteries aura costing the almost the same that a crossbow, To this we must add that his training time is ridiculously fast.

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Un nerf que tengo pensado es que le bajen la resistencia en un 20% y que en lugar de ser a distancia sea cuerpo a cuerpo, asi practicamente motivarian a hacer tiradores

They cost wood though.


Imperial Arbalest (Maltese Crossbowmen) are cheaper and have better stats and regenerate hit points.


Eso es una mala idea la que estás dando porque la estás dejando inútil en 1vs1 la unidad ya está nerfiada usa tiene otras unidades mas fuertes

May be they need Nerf the imperial Unit

The real Issue with USA is the flag, too much bonuses without any real cost: faster training, more HP for units and buildings… while militia can build barracks, really??


What upgrades and auras etc are in effect here? State Militia have been nerfed several times in the past, haven’t heard anyone complain about them for a long time, sharpshooters seem to be popular these days.


estas seguro de eso colega? siempre que juego contra un estadounidense ocupa milicias estatales y marines y casi nunca he visto que hagan más de 10 tiradores

in 1v1 at least I see a lot of the FI shipping the 20+ sharpshooters at least I did before the bugged FI was popular. They are really good units that do lot’s of damage to heavy infantry and have really long range, only longbow out range them.

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yes, and outpost too.

but state militia has a better multiplier vs heavy infantry, is faster, his train time is much lower and it can build barracks, outposts, and stables.