Stats not updating on website?

I’ve played about 20 ranked games and finished 5 campaigns but nothing shows up on the website. All I get is “No stats available - go play!”. Anyone else have this problem?


Same for me. Played several ranked games and finished some campaigns. No stats to be seen anywhere.

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Another issue is I don’t show up on any leader board even though I have a rank in my profile.

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Same here. If I click on someone on the leaderboard (top 100) some stats are working (but some weard numbers) others are not.

We’re working on fixing the stats on the web site. Our source data has been problematic, but we’re working on getting fixes in place.


Awesome! Thanks for the update!

I’ve connected my xbox account and everything and nothing shows up on my profile :frowning:

For me too. Not sure why.

The question that I was searching was: Ok, so game says I’m ranked at position X, how many players are there in this list? Looking for my percentile.
Btw, loving it. Used to play only arabia, but this forced mappool is actually interesting and varied. Allows for fast castles in 1v1 that I never encountered.

Has Microsoft provided the API for 3rd party websites at least?

Hi, i just bought AOE2 DE 3-4 days back and me and my friends have been playing it quite much since then,within each other(not ranked games) and with bots. but i am not able to find scorecards and results of any previous games we played
we played under multiplayer option in unranked lobbies
is there a ways i can see what were scores of last few previous games
if not
wont that be really needed features to see previous scorecards whenever you want of atleast last 5-10 games?


Hi @abhigoel22, This information will be available on the Age of Empires website under Stats. Unfortunately at the moment there are some issues, but the web dev says the team is working on fixes.


No multiplayer, No single player, There’s a known issue about it and when its the solution coming?

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Just because I’m curious… Which platform do you use to play? Steam or Microsoft Store?
I play on Steam and have the same issue…

The curious thing is that if I select to see my stats on Age of Empires: DE (I don’t own it):

It shows the right profile picture.

I play on steam, no matter if Im logged with my microsoft or steam account, it always in blank

for me too i play on steam

Gosh didn’t even know about that part of the site. AoE:DE stats are intact, even if it was just campaign cheats for achievements… AoE2:DE stats aren’t entirely empty, claiming that I’ve done one William Wallace scenario, but I’ve done far more than that in campaign. And this is playing MS Store.

I’m experiencing the exact same thing with my stats. I do own both new definitive editions and the page displays different profile pictures too. I own both on steam and it doesn’t show the campaigns I’ve completed. It would be cool if they fixed the link to steam in the future!

Same here. Is there actually someone who fixed that problem by himself already? Any solutions there yet? Thank you.:upside_down_face:

It is same for me.

I am on Windows 10(64 bit) 1909

I think they don’t care about the game anymore :confused: It says “Updated daily” but it never got updated since like the second day after release.

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