Stats page in website is empty


Stats - Age of Empires

i use microsoft account to connect both website and game through steam yet web site stats page says “No stats available for this game mode - go play!”


You actually need to play multi-player to view your stats and if you have played multi-player it’s probably just a bug.

Hey All. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re looking into it and will try to respond back shortly. Thx!

Hey @Pismaniye. Please try this. Log off the Age web site, click sign in, when prompted select the option to log on with Steam. Then go to Stats - Age of Empires and click on the view my stats link from there. Also, please make sure you select the appropriate drop down for the game you’re wanting to view. Please let me know if this fixes the issue. Thanks!

thank you, steam loggin did the trick

Awesome, happy we could help! Thanks!!

Hello. I have same issues. I have logged in as Steam account and choose the correct game and still says "No stats available for this game mode - go play! " where i have been playing in multiplayer for 3 months

Can you help me please

Hi @RutilantCrib874. Silly question, but need to confirm. Have you tried logging out and logging back in with Steam? Also, did you select the dropdowns to get to the game and stats you’re looking for? If you can confirm that, and it’s still an issue, I’ll go back to the team and see what I can sort out. Thanks!