Stats page of the website is bugged

Can’t say much more than the title. It says invalid usertag each time.

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Indeed it’s bugged at the moment. Attached a screenshot.

@DodoNotDoDo Would you please investigate this report?

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It should be fixed now.


Another bug for you to bite on. General support page for AOE DE is broken. Language detection and selection.

This should be fixed now too. Thanks!

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It worked for a while (and still show match history) but the win ratio and number of match already dissapeared (displaying N/A)

Soon you’ll need another page like that for AOE II DE - ‘there will be blood’.

Also I would add one more topic ‘Check your accounts and profile states’ and links to the different account overview pages (Xbox, MS, Steam etc.) so people can check their account state easily through the support page (open those links in new tabs of course). If you use dedicated redirector script running at your server necessary cookies could be set before redirection takes place (depending on third party requirements if needed).

And of course add a direct link to the bug report section at the forum for the particular AOE DE version.