Stats very inaccurate win%

Stat page currently show +88 win% for every civ which should be impossible.

Also leaderboards on stat page do not seem to show any specific ladder, so it’s quite useless. I suggest adding option for each ladder


I guess it may be that it’s not counting the defeats of people that haven’t made it to the ladder? Or it may be something else, the stat page doesn’t seem to be working great overall.

I’ve played MP, SP and campaign and none of that is shown on the stats page.
Also, I feel the leaderboard doesn’t update (and should be divided into the four leaderboard categories you find in game (RM 1v1, RM team, DM 1v1, DM team)).

btw how do you know the have +88% win rate? For me it doesn’t show any numbers, just the purple bars. Numbers are really needed here.

Also a “maps played” (MP/SP) would be interesting.

scroll below leaderboards, you will see global civ picks and win rates. currently shows separate ladders.

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