Status of Sweden?

First of all I’m grateful to the devs for many wonderful changes in this update, thanks for keeping the game alive.
Prior to the update I’d be playing against Sweden all day in the 1v1 ladder, now I’ve yet to play against anyone using Swedes. What’s the verdict with the latest nerf? Nerfed too hard? Still strong?
I just play Spain so hopefully my opinion is objective, but to me it seems they nerfed Sweden too much.

Removing 8 xbow and increasing torp wood cost were great changes.

I think they went too far making Dominions an AgeIII card, clearly it was OP, but making it deliver 3 instead of 4 torps and getting rid of the hp boost would’ve been better in my opinion. If they want the hp boost they should have to send Advanced Buildings card.

The “nerf” was non-existent, a 10 wood nerf is nothing when torp makes it back within seconds, and Swede players don’t use crossbowmen anyway. They’re still OP and Microsoft won’t do anything 'cause they’ll just get backlash from Swede babies till they cave in and de-nerf 'em


You can try Sweden by yourself first, you will find that he is very weak

Japan can easily win against any country, especially in the later stages.

But Sweden is very difficult, easy to break fast, and it is difficult to win later.

So japan need nerf,sweden need buff,or nobody want to play sweden 。

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Need to join Dragoons.
Need to remove the Falcon and strengthen the leather cannon.
Crossbowmen do not have buff cards. If they lack gold coins, it will be difficult to fight against the opponent’s dragoon combination.
Large berries of 1,000 foods need to be limited to 9, allowing Trop to grow by itself, and the cost is 1/3.
Food gains of up to 20,000 are unacceptable.
Age 2, 2 leather cannons need to increase 400 food costs or remove the card

I dont know what rank you play, but by no means is sweden weak. Yes Sweden lost dominions, but it can still FF and have an excelent eco + excelent units.

Plus they have the best artillery in the game. With Infantry guns, Mortars that can attack units, and the best Musketeer in the game.

Btw and you can have “dominions” with the extra 50% buildings HP card. It is still top top tier.

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I tried Sweden since the patch and it has a lot more weakness in 1v1. I think it’s in the right spot right now.

Ppl make mistake that unless u make a former OP civ into the bottom of the barrell civ then it’s not enough. U have to also make it that civ is still playable.

Not sure how Swedes is in teams or treaty tho…prob still a bit op in those modes just because they can boom easier

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What players want for Sweden is that their auto-work house will be less efficient. The same is true of Japan.

The developers, however, took another, easier way instead, which caused Trop to increase its price and Japan to lose a food box. They will still send tons of spam to kill you with a strong economic power if they somehow defend 2ages.

The developers had no idea what the problem was. Ranking match doesn’t have the ability to choose your own civilization by looking at the opponent’s civilization, so it’s stupid to choose Russia or Aztec to play against them. In addition, the buffs given to Russia and Aztec also increased their 2age, but there is no buff for the last game. Perhaps they misunderstood that the last game of supremacy would be like a treaty.

Instead of slightly reducing their strengths, they had to patch them in a way that mitigates their weaknesses, but this patch maximized the weaknesses and forced the initial attack, only one strategy. Do you think this is correct? After all, this patch is a crappy patch that only has a lot of content, but lack substance.

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To reduce auto resource houses impact, at least they should lower the speed for greedy boom.

The most simple way is to increase their cost and give them more pop for each house, lower the limit.