Step Lancers are finally a good unit

The niche this unit has currently is raiding in Castle Age/taking out small groups of units, they are still inferior to Knights and Crossbows resource-wise but they can kill much faster than Knights if they enter your base. Good job devs for giving this unit a niche without making them OP. Mongols ones are particularly interesting as they get the +HP boost which makes it viable (imo from a mid-elo player) to go full step lancers opening in early Castle, try to raid and then transition into something else.


Ah i did not try it more than a few games and i find it still too expensive for the use they do have especially when they die so fast.
Maybe im wrong

What is about elite one ?

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They are still kinda situational and overall Knights are much more versatile
The Cuman ones are quite scary now though

Ah i see still some buffs needed but started to gain some interest ! I will test it ! This unit deserves a roles