Steppe husbandry UT "bugged". Stirrups UT and Lithuanian team bonus for monastery also


Steppe husbandry is 400% faster at the moment (should be 80% according to the tech). Checked today (27.2.) and it is still broken. Basically creation time becomes 1-0,8 --> 0,2 (from 30 seconds to 6 seconds) while it should be 1/1,8 --> 0,55.

Spirit of the Law has a video of this mistake they made also back in AoK. Team bonuses were coded correctly and attack bonuses wrong back then.

Stirrups is booster similarly. 25% faster attack rate becomes 33% faster because it makes reload time *0,75 instead of /1,25.

Monastery team bonus for Lithuanians the same thing.

Cuman one is pretty bad because I feel cheated of victory when enemy manages to take an equal trade vs my army and both are left weak. Then cuman just abuses a bug in coding values and spams a flood of 6 second light cavalry to victory. Fix the values or fix the civ bonus charts to represent the +400%.