Steppe lance are underpowered

Cumans could get heavy camels

It’s not going to be enough I think.
Why pick Cumans over Tatars then? Right now Paladin is a very valid reason, you take that away, you have to rework at least the imperial age UT and maybe more.
Steppe husbandry is nice, but 40/60G (steppe lancers/HCA) units are hardly spammable like Goths’ infantry.
But it’s just theorycrafting of course.

Steppe Lancer doesn’t play the same role as knights, and it doesn’t have to. Knight is relevant for its role as a strong and resistant but relatively slow unit, but SL should be reinforce as a fast, aggressive and weak unit, that could be very valuable if micromanaged well, as CA in a different style, which fits in the playstyle of Cumans, Tatars and Mongols, and doesn’t subsitute to knights. Nerfing its RoF was a mistake for me, the unit may even need a little more attack and melee armor, but I think it needs to remain frail and micromanagement-demanding.

And Huns should get them as well, maybe with the same cost-reduction as CA.

Byzantines should get Legions which should be anti-infantry. Maybe I’m just saying it cus the sprites there and I just want them to be an anti infantry civ. Also add the Savars to the Persians.