Steppe Lancers (Improved) Tooltip wrong

Steppe Lancer Tooltip is currently wrong.
It says you’ll be getting 20% attack speed or 10% if you already researched Steppe Lancers:

I quickly checked the stats and saw the following things:
Base: 1.375 attack speed
Steppe Lancers: 1.25 attack speed (10% gain)
Steppe Lancers (Improved): 1.2 attack speed (about 14.17% gain, 4.17% when Steppe Lancers has already been researched).

From my understanding they’re supposed to get 15% attack speed, so yeah, the tooltip in the UI is wrong. Might argue that the attack speed gain is also wrong, but we’re also aware that attack speed gains are an issue in general, with English Network of Castles/Citadels and Delhi Tower of Victory being very clear examples.