Steps to get game to recognize local mod?

I have made a Random Map Generator (RMG) and would like to test it in game. I put a folder for my RMG under mod/local/MyRMG. The MyRMG.xml and MyRMG.xs files are in that folder. In game I can see it listed and it states 2 files. However, It does not allow me to use it. I tried adding it manually to the .json mod file but no luck since I see that I may need a WorkshopID and seems for sure that it needs the “Random Maps” tag applied to it somehow. Can anyone inform how this is accomplished since the non-existence of any documentation is provided when purchasing the game license. Thanks in advance.

you gotta structure that folder properly, myRMG/data, gimme a minute to replicate

It is structured as: mod name/randmaps/your xml and xs files, that should work, the game then applies the correct tag on its own
after you structure the folder as above, just refresh the local mods ingame

Thank you! That works. Is there somewhere that has that information? Like folder/file structure, etc. As well, since I got this from the Windows Store, I do not have access to the game directory/folder itself as Microsoft has that locked down so that even local and domain admins like myself cannot see it. Would love to be able to use that tool listed on the forum to pull everything from the .BAR files but I am assuming those are in the game directory/folder structure :frowning: Again, many thanks!

yes its the game installation itself: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE3DE, then its the game folder, you just need to exactly mirror how those maps are in order for game to apply the mod, i can send a zip for that tool if you need, not sure how exactly windows store structures the files so can’t help much there, i do know its bad, just not sure how much so

Thanks for the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

As stated in previous post, when installed from Windows Store it’s installed under the Program Files\WindowsApps folder which is completely locked down so you can not even see it exists, even when you have the operating system permissions to:
. So Program Files\WindowsApps is a hidden folder but even when I “show hidden folders/files” and “show system files” all I can see, even with all those permissions, is that a folder named WindowsApps exists. Can not see anything under that folder and when trying to access the folder directly (since I know the full folder path from Task Manager showing the Commandline while running Age of Empires) security dialogs stop you from getting to them. Figure this is a Microsoft Game running on Microsoft Windows installed from Microsoft Windows Store that Microsoft would not do that crap. But that’s Microsoft.

Thanks for the offer regarding the tool however I already have that, just can’t use it because Microsoft doesn’t allow access to the files Microsoft knows you will need to create MODs for their game. The door is closing faster and faster each day.

If someone from Microsoft is reading any of this, YOU’RE FIRED! I am a Senior Lead Developer Analyst Architect for a MAJOR company in the USA (think everyone worldwide would recognize the company name if I state it) and have been coding since 1978 in CP/M before Billy boy screwed the world. I use to turn to computer gaming to get away from the downfall of humanity. Thanks Microsoft for reminding me there is no escape!

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There is escape though; if you use Steam instead of the super buggy locked down Windows Store.

Pretty confident its possible to get around this via winaero tweaker, third party program but capable of adjusting windows the os to your liking, admittedly tho i can’t find any related to store itself, just avoid ms store in the future for games