Still getting greyed out Enhanced Graphics Pack problem

I have installed the game through the XBox app for Windows 10 and added and installed the Enhanced Graphics Mod. The option is still greyed out, however. After reinstalling and starting the game, I got a notification that UHD was not installed and enabled.

My theory is that the installation of the Graphics Pack is somehow bugged or corrupted, but I have found no way to remove and reinstall it. If I click the green Install button in the shop, it loads for a bit before jumping to 100% immediately, seemingly registering it as being already installed. Can you provide assistance?

Edit: I’ve looked up the game in the Control Panel/Apps and checked the advanced options to see if the UHD pack showed up there. It does not. It’s possible that I have installed the UHD pack and reinstalled the game in a different folder, but I have no way to check this. How can I uninstall the UHD pack?