Still no option to search for matchmaking without wonders?


Seems bizarre.

It’s genuinely ruining the enjoyment of 4v4. It’s so much easier turtling with a wonder than it is actually playing the game normally


Yeah I meant to add the obvious context of this being a team game issue mainly.

When I play with friends its zero issue for one of us to horde a few extra resources/share resources and chuck up a wonder. However, we avoid doing it as its basically a free win unless the enemy is practically in your base.

Maps like Danube river especially become so tiresome.

Got to the point where I just leave and find a new match the moment I see a wonder going up.

agree it so frustrating , i also had it in the danube river i know your pain

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They should really give us the option to matchmake however we want in terms of winning conditions etc, outside from ranked games.

In ranked games I believe they have to balance that & have more strict ways to make sure it remains as balanced as possible.

But let us test this out in a PUP in the future. I hope this happens soon!

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or even if they just just nerfed wonders in some way

Longer timer
Pop cap cost
Building exclusion zone
Make holding sacred sites pause the timer
Building your own wonder adds more time

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