Still no patch for today?

So there still no patch for today i guess ?


There may be an update to the PUP in the next few hours.

Probably not, they rarely release patches later this hours

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jeez, it’s long, very VERY LONG


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Are they planning to update with the African DLC? I hope not. That would be ~2 months without any update and 3 months without any balancing changes.

what is unclear is that is the africa maps banned from quicksearch if a player doesnt own african DLC/ this is due to the new maps and minor native african settlements. You would assume that everybody would be able to ally with the new minor natives, but maybe these maps are for offline or custom games only who knows

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well we definetly need a patch for receive this DLC sincerly jeez, if we have no patch before the 2 august sincerly is sad, really sad…


I think they should release a PUP patch in this week
As we can see, there will be tons of new machanics in the next DLC, a PUP patch can help them find out bugs

One dev hinted a PuP is coming soon (days ago), so we might test the dlc before the launch (?) to detect any bug?