Stolen CD-key

I have recently bought an Age of Empires 3 Complete Collection at a store in Slovakia.

It is original, it had the Certificate of Authenticity sticker on it.

I could not create an ESO account so I checked the CD-KEY on the ESO’s website and it said that my username is “simi9991”, despite the fact that I did not create any account and I had never used this simi9991 as a username.

That is why I think that my CD-KEY has been stolen.

I tried to contact ESO but every time I send an email it says the email is undeliverable. Could you please help me?

Id belive you bought a “used” version of Age of Empires 3 Complete Collection, and thus the CD-key are already used. Due to the fact it’s way easier and faster for me to just give you an eso-account than try help you solve the issue. So send me a pm on this forum with a username you want and ill create it for you