Stolen CD-Key


I purchased Age of Empires 3 Complete Collection from the Steam store quite some time ago.

However when I tried to create an account it gave me Error 101, so despite not creating one myself there was already one tied to my CD-key. I looked up my key and some account by the name of kosalinas was using it instead.

Every time that I try to email ESO to get some help on the issue it says that the message is undeliverable/ the recipient is rejected. Could someone help me?


Seems like Steam sold you a used CD Key. You can refund the game if you purchased it in the last 2 weeks and played it for less than 2 hours. If you fall outside of the refund rules, you can ask for a refund anyway and Steam will take a look.

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I don’t believe it’s possible for Steam to give you a used key. If you’ve truly not created an account with your Steam purchase, run the registry script for resetting saved key, launch the game and enter your Steam CD key to solve the issue:

You can simply ignore this, the lookup tool will show you a completely random, irrelevant account, because the game product IDs given out by Steam are broken/random. What you see here doesn’t indicate anything, not even that any account has been created on your CD key.

All official support emails for AoE3 have been discontinued.

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I would like to add that you also could try to launch the game as administrator and then try to register it again using the key provided by steam. The registration might work correct that time.

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make sure you are using the ‘vanilla’ AoE3 game to create your account. ‘vanilla’ meaning, not launched from either the TWC expansion exe or the TAD expansion exe. All the accounts are tied to the vanilla CD key.


Vanilla is very tasty


Steam support is responsible to help you because they are acting as the distributor for the key. That’s why they get their cut in sales. Connect with their support team directly and discuss your purchase.


Steam can do literally nothing to solve ESO account issues. The multiplayer platform for this game is owned/run by Microsoft and has no ties to Steam whatsoever. The Steam support staff obviously has no administrator access to Microsoft’s servers, at best they might be able to contact Microsoft for you.


I think he has been helped already.

But it’s difficult to launch a game through Steam with elevated administrative permissions. So Steam should actually take care of this in their own packaging and installer using some kind of (first time) launch as administrator flag. On the other hand it should be fixed in the game loader itself. Other solution is to close Steam first and then rightclick Steam icon and choose launch as administrator and then start the game. I will register correctly at that time if the provided key is correct of course.

Steam will say that it’s MS problem and MS will tell vice versa. Both are right actually. The truth is that this game was designed in the age that elevated administrative permissions did not exist nor were needed. So they should add a wrapper on first launch which relaunches as administrator if the serial has not been stored in the registry part where you are not allowed to write anymore as non-elevated user.

Not so difficult to understand.


Perhaps they can’t do a lot to deal with ESO account issues (specifically), but they are the CD key interchange and are responsible for key distribution. That’s the only point I was trying to make. Presumably their support people would need to interact with and coordinate with ESO but ultimately you are a Steam customer at that stage and they have a responsibility / obligation to support you, even if it is to give you information on who to contact at a BARE minimum.


i will just give you my cd key i already have account from 10 years ago