Stone isnt valuable enough

feels like stone isnt valuable enough.

stone should be a bit more important.

maybe making bbt, walls, castles a bit more powerful.

But that would buff turtling? Don’t you hate turtling.

Stone is very strong on closed maps. But not on open ones.

Really? I think stone is very valuable in open maps for map control.
Stone is maybe the most valuable ressource in the game, maybe not for walls but for sure to build castles.


You are right. Castles can useful as a forward base to hold a space. But can easily be wasted if not defended. They don’t last very long under Treb fire.

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Totally true. So you need more castles to win the treb war :smiley:

Castles seem very underwhelming to me in open maps unless resources are concentrated heavily in one area like gold rush or something, I have never had a problem with forward enemy castles, you don’t even have to destroy them you can just ignore them and walk around, defensive castles cause a bit of an issue since you have to get rid of them to attack villagers in many cases but plenty of those can just be bypassed by walking around as well, if you never walk under the enemy castle they have to come out to fight you anyway unless they’re literally covering every bit of eco they have in castles

Only reason to attack the castle directly to me is to try to deny them the ability to produce UU or trebs if you don’t think they can afford to build any more, or maybe to try to house them if you think they’re depending on them for pop space

Now on more closed maps they can be placed in a way that you almost have to deal with them directly in order to get an army past them, I just don’t see how a castle out in the open somewhere on arabia is going to severely hamper the enemy player doing just about anything they want to do besides take resources that are underneath it