Stop Auto re-subscribing official event mods

It is extremely annoying I had to manually unsubscribe the official event mods I don’t want to subscribe to, can the devs fix it?
It sometimes silently and automatically subscribes all the event mods i earned and I even don’t know and it is really annoying!!!

I don’t want to see the suck summer beach, trebuchet summber ball, the TC status, and don’t want to hear the AOE/AOE3 sounds.


i have allready reported it as a bugg a while back. It was fixed for a few weeks it seemed but today i had it again…

I think they do it intentionally. They dont want to relate problems with mods. But they can make warning box after upgrade. “please check your mods again” . This should be helpful.

That’s not the issue. The issue is about the official event mods(challenges event of each update), not the non-official mods which may cause related problems.

It seems to happen when losing internet connection in main menu