Stop banning ranked players

Here’s an issue: until you fix these debilitating bugs that make it near impossible to play the game, stop banning people for dropping from games. The timeout function doesn’t solve for anything even without these bugs.


What bugs? DE is pretty clean.

Are you kidding? Look at the page. People drop almost half the time on ranked and then if we don’t wait five minutes we all get a ban? It’s absurd.

That’s a joke, right? DE is a mess. Crashing issues still haven’t been properly resolved, which then causes people to have timeout bans and drop elo.

Here is a solution for now
Dont play ranked till its fixed.

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Here’s a solution.

It doesn’t just affect ranked games.

Maybe over 40 days of a game being unplayable for a lot of people just isn’t of interest to the devs.

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So the Devs/Forgotten Empires aren’t going to respond. A pro player recently quit the game because of this nonsense. Get rid of this ridiculous system you’ve concocted with your bad ideas and let us play the game